Text to speech read aloud copilot bing chat results.

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Hello everyone, 

Has some have may experience. The read aloud feature built-in has been removed a couple of weeks ago from Copilot Bing chat's results. This feature offered a read value added to user who experience dyslexia and learning disabilities communities like me. Does anyone know if this feature will come back or maybe how to activate again even as a paid option? 

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I am running Edge beta Version 120.0.2210.49 mine is there and works great. Which version of Edge are you using?

@Matt_PhilipenkoHello Matt, thank you for reaching I am currently using Microsoft Edge Version 120.0.2210.49 (Version officielle) application stable, canal beta (64 bits) not under the beta app. I did try a few minutes ago with the Canary version (Version 121.0.2264.0 (Version officielle) canary (64 bits)) and it also didn't work. Also, I am logged with a consumer and a work and school profile. I did try with both but still the feature did not appear anymore.

Hi @LucasDigitalInclusif did this issue ever get resolved in your version of Edge?

Hi @Eric_VanAelstyn,


Thank you for your message. Yes, the issue has been solved by the latest updates you can close the ticket.


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I just began to have the exact same issue a couple of weeks ago for the first time. Experienced it on my Android phone. While I understand that the text was read-aloud when asking in speech and was not read-aloud when asking in typing, the feature was gone a couple of weeks ago. Today the issue persisted, then I asked Copilot, why the text is not read aloud. Copilot apologized that s/he is not able to read texts aloud and is only able to communicate written as a large language model. Funnily enough, this answer was immediately read-aloud and since then the feature is working again.