Copilot is slow compared to free GenAI chat tools

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We are rolling out Copilot with Commercial Data Protection to staff and working on adoption and trying to get people to use it instead of ChatGPT.
One piece of feedback that has come back from several staff members is speed.
ChatGPT, a free tool, is very fast - you get answers almost instantly.
Whereas Copilot, a product we are paying for, is slow. You wait and watch it type sentence after sentence.


Although we are selling the security and power of Copilot the speed makes initial impressions very dissapointing to staff familiar with other services. Overall comments are negative instead of seeing the potential.

Are there plans to speed it up as I can see staff looking for alternatives?

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Same problems here. Copilot is really cool for being able to work with corporate data, but it's very slow. users complain about this (me too) .

@Nicholas Marshall Micaloski 


When I first started out using CoPilot last Novemberish it was actually really fast. This last month or 2 it's been painstakingly slow to the point I'm going to search out other options. It also often generates the answer repetitively until you force it to stop. Microsoft has a glitch in the system.

Yes its got worse and I happened to be using the free version of Copilot on my mobile and I couldn't believe it, it was fast!!

I asked the free copilot the question "What is an example of AI Augmentation?" and it replied with 5 paragraphs within 14 seconds. I asked the same question of Copilot formerly BCE and it took 52 seconds to create 4 paragraphs. This was within minutes of each other on March 3rd 2024 around 11.20am GMT.

It's poor from Microsoft that a paid product is slower than free version of its product. I am surprised, as it weakens the business case for companies thinking about moving to a more expensive product like Copilot Pro or Copilot 365.
Hi @osionjet - Thank you for your inquiry! Could you please specify whether you are comparing ChatGPT to Copilot with commercial data protection or to Copilot for Microsoft 365? We appreciate the feedback!
Well, I have no idea what Commercial Data Protection is, but there is a new issue I found since yesterday. I used copilot everyday for the past 6 months and I was happy with it even I was amazed with the most of its answers and I ignored the slow answers process of answering. Then new problem is horrible to be honest. I asked him about normal things like put some phrases to my resume that copilot provided itself. but when I asked to show me the whole resume to see how it looks like, not only it ignored all of my resume, it added some jobs and descriptions that I hadn't even mentioned. Today, I asked it to guide me how to search for files in a certain period of dates and he show me python coding to do that! I think it's terrible! I'm not sure if it's under development but if it is, they must keep the good stuff and features about it and improve the rest that needs to work on. Right now, it's like they changed the great abilities of it and turned it to a useless model. In my opinion, Copilot was so much better than Gemini. I'm always comparing the the two with the exact same prompt to see which one gives me the best and correct answer and till 2 days ago, Copilot was the winner but since yesterday, Gemini gives better answers and it's not because they have improved their AI. That was my personal opinion. I hope Microsoft and Copilot team fix this issue asap.
Hi, as I mentioned its Copilot with Commercial Data Protection (Copilot formerly BCE). We have enabled it for all staff as a secure alternative to free GenAI tools. We've positive feedback but the main complaint we're getting is around speed (staff have used Gemini and ChatGPT at this stage and have speed expectations).

Ironically we are trialing Copilot for Microsoft 365 which is an additional $30 per month on top of our E5 license. I asked the same question as before in the edge sidebar (web tab now we have Copilot for Microsoft 365). I used precise mode (as before). It took 58 seconds to generate 3 paragraghs! It's actually slower. I understand there are additional compute demands to make it secure, but I was expecting a much faster experience after paying for an improved version.
Hi @osionjet - Thanks for the follow up. Your feedback is valued as Copilot is continuously improving. Your input will be shared with our team for further investigation.
Once explained to users the security aspects vs going to a random GPT site or tool, most users will accept a slight decrease in response times.

However, the response times we experience at my company are a comical. over 1 minute often for a simple query like, "Summarise my work on project xyz over the last week".

On the plus side... we have noticed faster response times with AI image generation...