Copilot in Channel meetings

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For usage of Copilot during a Channel Meeting that is being recorded and transcribed, it appears that the content generated only stays as long as I'm in the Copilot panel. If I switch to Chat and then back to Copilot panel, my previously generated content is gone. However, during non-Channel meetings that are being recorded and transcribed, the Copilot content stays even if I jump into other panels like Chat or Notes. When I come back to Copilot everything that it previously generated from my earlier prompts is there. Will Channel Meetings be updated to have Copilot function the same as it does in non-Channel Meetings?

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Hi @KristinaK100, it sounds like you are asking a question about Copilot for Microsoft 365, specifically about using Copilot in a Teams meeting. If so, please post your question in the Copilot for Microsoft 365 community for support: