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When I go to and click the Sign In button I put in my UPN and password and it just goes back to the original page. There is no message as to what might be wrong. It just puts me back where I started.


The sign in logs report a successful sign in to Bing.


Any idea what might be going on?

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@John Twohig 


Did you try InPrivate mode?

Yes. Thanks for the suggestion.

Now I seem to be getting different behaviour. It seems to depend on the account I use. I can now sign in with two different accounts and the third keeps sending me back to the sign in page. I am pretty sure I tried all three last week and none worked.

However, I can get what I want now. One account gives me the normal Copilot and the other gives me Bing Chat Enterprise. (Also called Copilot but Microsoft likes to call different things by the same name.)