Can't enable BCE on M365 E3 licenses purchased via CSP

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I was unable to enable BCE in our tenant even though we have M365 E3 licenses.  I was only able to solve this by purchasing a direct purchase rather than CSP sourced license.  My CSP said that he had heard that at this time it is not possible to enable BCE with CSP sourced M365 E3 licenses.  Is really true?  If so, why?  And If so, when will this restriction go away?

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Hi @skdyer, thanks for reaching out. Has this since been resolved and you have access to commercial data protection in Copilot (formerly Bing Chat Enterprise)? If not, is your E3 license a unified license or an "original" license? If the latter, you may need to obtain the free Extra Features Sku to gain access to commercial data protection in Copilot.