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Hi team,

A customer is asking me why his users (frontline and knowledge workers), with Business Standard and Business Premium can access to Bing chat Enterprise and the users (Leaders, managers, etc...) with O365 E3 and O365 E5 can't. That has no sense.


As they need to enable those other users to have bing chat enterprise, they are willing to buy it, but checkin the november pricelists, the SKU is still unavailable. In that case, if they are not able to buy it now, but they need it, their option is to pass from O365 E3 and E5 to business Premium and Business standard. That has no sense either.


The additional questions are:


1. Why is it still unavailable if the release was in february?

2. When is it going to be available?

3. Is it going to be available just for EA or also for CSP?


Thanks in advance,




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Big Chat Enterprise is available now for customers with Business Standard, Business Premium, M365 E3 and M365 E5. It's not available with the O365 E3 & E5 licenses. It is available for CSP customers.

Microsoft will be releasing a standalone license for Bing Chat Enterprise but there is no date for when this will be released yet. The standalone license, when released, will cost $5USD per user, per month.


Hi @Miguel David Osorio Muñoz  and @Lauren_Nobbs , at Ignite, we announced our expansion of Copilot (formerly Bing Chat Enterprise) to even more Entra ID users past our initially eligible set. We're excited to bring Copilot to even more users, and this will happen over time. Because we are expanding the scope of Entra ID users, we are no longer planning to offer Copilot as a standalone sku for purchase. As more Entra ID users are added, they will receive Copilot and its commercial data protection for work accounts (Entra ID), at no additional cost.