Bing Search exposing Bing Chat Enterprise interaction content

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Interaction with Bing Chat Enterprise can result in Bing Search queries.  How does Microsoft guarantee that confidential data is not exposed through Bing Search when a user is interacting with Bing Chat Enterprise?  There is assurance that Bing Search queries triggered by prompts aren't linked to users or organizations by Bing, but there is no similar assurance that confidential _content_ of a Bing Chat Enterprise prompt won't be exposed to Bing Search. 


Bing search security and privacy documentation states that there is a ‘set of restrictions or frequency thresholds’ that when met, give sufficient confidence that a query isn’t specific to a particular organization.  It seems there are criteria in place governing which Bing Search queries are/aren’t determined to be specific to a particular organization, but it’s not clear what this criteria is and whether it’s applicable to Bing Search queries performed by Bing Chat Enterprise. 


Bing Chat Enterprise states very prominently to end-users that it ‘protects personal and company data’.  If it’s possible for interaction with Bing Chat Enterprise to result in confidential information exposure through Bing Search queries, this isn’t entirely correct and impacts how my organization will assess the risk of Bing Chat Enterprise adoption.

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Hello, prompts used in BCE have commercial data protection to protect sensitive data used when writing one--this extends to both the LLM and Bing Search when generating a response. Grounding the response in relevant web information using Bing Search is part of the value of BCE as other AI chats have a past cut-off date due to the LLM. Prompts are not exposed or shown as part of results of Bing Search for other users.

Thanks for the response, Eric. So just to be clear, Microsoft's BCE commercial data protection statements saying "all prompts and responses are discarded" and "Microsoft has no 'eyes-on' access to BCE chat data" are both also true for Bing Search queries executed by BCE?