Bing Chat Enterprise - Turning off Sidebar while keeping the copilot extension

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Hey All,


I have seen that you can now turn off the side bar manually in Edge while keeping the Copilot extension available.


This is something we would prefer as having the sidebar enabled has staff using Other sites in the side bar.


Does anyone know if Intune has a setting that can block the sidebar while keeping Copilot enabled?

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There is currently not a policy that does all of this automatically, but if you'd like to disable all other Sidebar apps (and keep Copilot available,) you can block the other Sidebar apps. Please see this guide on how to do so: Manage the sidebar in Microsoft Edge | Microsoft Learn


This guide shows how you can block individual Sidebar apps by their Extension ID (which this doc explains how to find.) To block all other Sidebar apps that are not Copilot, you will have to block them each individually.


You can also use this method to enable specific Sidebar apps, such as Copilot.

I would like to use copilot chat in the sidebar of edge to primary ask questions to the webpage I am browing. I am limited by the no of messages I can send it to copilot chat in the sidebar. Is there anyway I can purchase a copilot pro just for the purpose of using this feature. I do not want office 365 or any other software other than this.