BCE compliant with recognized enterprise certification and attestation

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Hi, is BCE is covered under the following :

1. Microsoft’s ISO27001 certification 

2. Microsoft’s Soc2 Type2 attestation


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Hi @MykelMun, thanks for reaching out. Bing Chat Enterprise is not a part of the enterprise Microsoft cloud offering, has no access to Microsoft 365 content, and is not covered by Microsoft 365 compliance promises. Bing Chat Enterprise is built on public Bing Chat but with added commercial data protection, including that it does not store data: https://learn.microsoft.com/bing-chat-enterprise/privacy-and-protections. If you're looking for and AI experience with Microsoft 365 Enterprise Security, Compliance and Privacy, we recommend Microsoft 365 Copilot.
Is there any plan to have BCE certified and complied with ISO 27001 or SOC2 Type2?
Hi @MykelMun, we're exploring this for Bing Chat Enterprise in the future but at this time we do not have a timeline.

@Eric_VanAelstyn Appreciate Copilot is evolving fast. Has there been any change in this statement for the new year? has Copilot in Windows (BCE) been or got a timeline to be certified?