What happened with my Bing Chat?

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I had Bing Chat Enterprise which worked very well, but then I got assigned a license to Copilot and it is now replaced with Bing Chat Copilot (It just says Microsoft 365 Copilot at the top).


It now only answers me with internal results, no external results. It is worthless to me now! It even lies and says it will search externally when I ask it.


I longer have a need for it and can basically just go to Google instead and manually search things.

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I see the same thing....I believe the Copilot license supersedes the BCE functionality. And I agree with you....while it's useful for me, I'd still like the optionality to scope my chat to internal or external sources. Hopefully on the roadmap from MSFT.

We initially believed that Bing Chat Enterprise would be a suitable replacement for ChatGPT, as it would ensure protection of the Chat dialogue. However, after adding the Copilot license, we found that the service became almost useless, as its focus shifted to 90% internal Graph. @Pernille-Eskebo, we need the ability to choose between internal and external sources ourselves!

Hello! Thank you for the feedback! Our teams are aware of this and will soon be rolling out updates to help resolve this.

@GabeHoThanks for listening. The solution that I see today (with a split between internal and external) seems to be exactly what we need.  

@knutsalv - thank you very much for raising the issue. I completely agree. Now I see that you experience an improvement. Could you maybe share what you see now? We're also on Copilot and my Bing Chat experience is now (still) only covering the internal perspective. This is a shame, because for internal, I would use Copilot Business Chat in Teams and for external I would like to use Bing Chat... if Bing Chat Enterprise (BCE) integrated both worlds, even better!

One extra piece of info. We're still on Bing Chat (consumer). We could not yet enable BCE for reasons of EU data protection doubts. @GabeHo - maybe you know if having consumer/enterprise Bing Chat makes the difference here...

Thank you!What I seeWhat I see

@FelixH_KM  This is what I see now: the Bing option
The Microsoft 365 option

the same internal and external split also reflected in the Bing sidebar


In terms of turning on BCE, I'm sorry I have no knowledge about possible conflicts with EU protection rules. I guess BCE is a requirement for the functionality you see above, since both BCE and Copilot will require that you are signed in with you company id in the internet browser, which is not a requirement for regular Bing Chat.

Hey Felix, yeah the toggle that @knutsalv is seeing would apply to Copilot/BCE only.
Dear @knutsalv , dear @GabeHo - thank you both very much for your fast and clear feedback! This seems to be a great solution. One more reason to push for having the Enterprise version of Bing re-activated in our organization. @GabeHo , would you know if BCE is still in preview of is it GA now (I believe there was a fixed date in August for GA)?

"...Bing Chat Enterprise, available in Preview, gives your organization AI-powered web chat with commercial data protection..."
Hey @FelixH_KM, BCE switched to default on (unless previously disabled by the admin for the tenant) for the eligible licenses in August but is still in Preview.
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