Using name alternatives in Teams Meeting with Copilot AI Notes

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When using Copilot for notes in a Teams meeting, it records who was speaking and display's their name in the notes and assigned actions.  When somebody uses a shortened version of their name e.g. Bob for Robert, etc, then you don't get actions and the note taking becomes less accurate.  It would be great if there was a way to confirm or add in name abbreviations to the AI notes, perhaps some kind of fast name mapping in Copilot that could link abbreviated names back to full names 

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Now only about names, I would like to know what can be done to better handle abbreviations and wordings that are commonly used in an organization.
The problem is complicated. I perceive that Teams Transcript is not a Copilot feature. Copilot does not help on the Transcript process. And Copilot solely depends on the Transcript to operate. It sometimes is a GIGO (garbage in garbage out) situation.

Yes, some kind of organisational lexicon or terminology library that you can add to Copilot... that would be very useful

You're right, abbreviated names can be a challenge for Copilot AI Notes in Teams meetings. Copilot relies on identifying speakers to assign actions in meeting notes. When someone uses a nickname (e.g., Bob for Robert), Copilot might not recognize the full name and can't assign actions accurately.
A feature in Copilot that allows users to create a mapping between nicknames and full names. This could be a manual process or potentially learn from previous meetings where someone clarified their full name. This will improve accuracy of meeting notes with assigned actions. Reduced need to manually correct notes after the meeting.
This is a common request according to a discussion on the Microsoft Community Hub [community forum about Copilot AI Notes]. Hopefully, a future update to Copilot will include a way to handle name abbreviations.
In the meantime, here are some workarounds which can be used like, encourage participants to use their full names when speaking. Manually clarify nicknames in the chat during the meeting. After the meeting, review the notes and assign actions based on context.
I hope this helps!
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@donschult Something like the Find/Replace in Excel or Word...Find Bob and replace with Robert. I do not like that it puts the last name in and not the first. So, with a last name like "Russell", it might be understood that that is the first name of the person. Also, it would be nice to do a Find/Replace when names are misspelled.