Using Copilot for Quality Assessment

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I have an end user that trying to use Copilot for M365 to perform a regular and detailed assessment of incoming policy documents against a set of company guidelines and framework for what makes for a quality written policy document.

I have tried to use a clever combination of prompts in both Word and Chat, linking to both the framework document and document for assessment and of course beginning by asking Copilot to digest the guidelines then provide a comprehensive report on it's findings. However every attempt just produces inconsistent and inadequate results and I don't know if it's the way I'm doing it or if Copilot is just not up to the challenge.

Has anyone got any experience trying the same and if so, what method worked for you? 

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can you specify the type of documents (word, pdf ??) you want to use ? Copilot for Word can only access oder word, pptx documents (not yet pdf).

You can try with a prompt in copilot for word like this "write an assessment of this document /name-of-the-incoming-policy.docx based on our internal specific requirements listed in this /name-of-the-internal-requirements.docx (thsi emans you need to create a wrd document that includes all your internal specific policies

Hi @Luca_Bino 


Thanks for that but that's pretty much what I've done.

I created 2 files, one is the original policy document to be assessed and the other is the entire guidelines for what makes for a good document, tailored to remove anything not needed so that Copilot can fully and easily understand the framework. (Both in Word)


I then created a prompt that says something like 'your job is to ....... This is the framework.......this is the document to be assessed......provide a comprehensive and detailed report on the evaluation.'


I've continuously tweaked this process and what's contained in the framework document but I'm starting to believe that I've done all I can and Copilot is just not up-to-date the task.


I'd say,don't give up.
We have had pretty good results with a customer of mine with this procedure.

Sometimes it takes more energy and an "outside view" to get to the right prompt.

You probably know this already, but keeping in mind that there are subtile differences when prompting

Translate this text to... VS rewrite this text in....
Help me create a macro for.... VS write vba code for a macro

Can you share the exact prompt you are using? Maybe an anonimized version of your documents?

Here's the prompt I wrote. This is attempting to instruct Copilot to fully understand the ask and to perform the analysis meticulously.


As a Standards and Quality Manager, your primary role is to conduct a detailed and systematic evaluation of policy documents to ensure they align with specified standards and best practices outlined in a provided 'toolkit' document. Each submitted policy document should be rigorously assessed against the frameworks and guidelines set forth in the toolkit.

  1. Start by meticulously analyzing the provided toolkit document to understand the criteria, structure, tone, and specific requirements that the policy document should meet.
  2. Go through each section of the ‘toolkit’ step by step and ensure a thorough assessment. E.g. purpose, scope, lessons learned, etc
  3. Proceed to evaluate the completed policy document. Carefully compare and contrast this document against the standards outlined in the toolkit.
  4. Highlight any deviations, shortcomings, or exemplary adherence in the policy document in relation to each relevant section of the toolkit.
  5. Provide actionable recommendations for each issue identified. These should offer clear guidance on how the policy document can be improved to fully meet the standards.
  6. Your evaluation report should be concise yet well-structured, mentioning specific sections from the toolkit where necessary, and must result in constructive feedback that is straightforward yet comprehensive.

This will ensure a critical and beneficial examination of policy documents, aiming at refining quality and ensuring compliance.



toolkit_document: {{referenced toolkit_document}}

completed_document: {{referenced completed_policy_document}}



I'm on the move without my laptop, so I can't add Screenshots.

In my experience, we don't prompt Copilot for Word in the same way we do with chatGPT


Since I'm not sure if you already did that, please try this:


  • Start a new blank word document (this will be the result at the end) 
  • ALT+I will open the write with Copilot menu 
  • Prompt : act as quality manager and make an assessment on the document /document-you-want-to-asses.docx by veryfying that all the points in the document /toolkit-document.docx and give the output in the form of.... Provide actionable items to... 

The basic idea is to have a simpler prompt to begin, making sure that both referenced documents are taken into account, then you can refine the prompt or iterate on the result