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As part of our ongoing customer engagement, we are currently investigating the adoption of Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 for an organisation. They have some concerns regarding the required update channels and their potential impact on our existing macros and applications.

According to the documentation, Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 adheres to the standard deployment and update practices for Microsoft 365 Apps. It is available in all update channels except for the Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel. Additionally, preview channels—such as Current Channel (Preview) and Beta Channel—fully support Copilot. Production channels encompass Current Channel and Monthly Enterprise Channel.

Our specific concern arises from past experiences where updates from the channels have affected their macros. As they continue to modernise their environment, safeguarding these applications remains a priority. Therefore, we would like to seek clarity on whether the current statement regarding Copilot’s availability in Current Channel and Monthly Enterprise Channel will remain consistent. Furthermore, are there any considerations for organisations with existing macros?

We greatly appreciate any insights or guidance you can provide. Thank you for your assistance!

Thank you! 

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First off, Thank You for your post. You are correct in your understanding that Copilot is only supported in Current Channel and Monthly Enterprise Channel. We have worked with many organizations to adopt copilot through usage of our App Assure teams to help unblock macros and custom apps. In addition, I have worked with ISV's to support Monthly Enterprise Channel which empowers the customers using their product to adopt Monthly Enterprise Channel. 

I would suggest you reach out to your account team and discuss the options. If you do not have an account team I would be happy to jump on a call and discuss next steps. Please send me a DM.

Here is a list of resources I suggest you take a look at:

Thanks for your reply! Let me digest and respond but just wanted to say thanks