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Is there a way to generate a slide with links to each of the sections in a PowerPoint presentation?


I used the following prompt within the presentation but it did not work:
Add a slide with a table contents for this presentation, create a link for each section.


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I didnt come across or able to generate this and looks like PowerPoint Copilot currently doesn't have a built-in function to automatically generate a linked table of contents. However, you can create one manually with a few steps:
1. Create a Slide for the Table of Contents:
Insert a new slide wherever you want the table of contents to appear.
2. Add Slide Titles:
Type in the titles of each section in your presentation. You can use the outline view (View -> Outline) to easily copy and paste your slide titles.
3. Link the Titles:
Select each title you want to link.
Go to the "Insert" tab.
Click the "Link" dropdown menu and choose "Insert Link."
4. Choose "Place in This Document" Option:
In the "Insert Hyperlink" window, select the "Place in This Document" tab.
Expand the "Slide Titles" list by clicking the triangle.
Choose the corresponding slide title for the selected text.
Click "OK" to create the hyperlink.
I agree with this solution. In addition, you could also try Insert > Zoom > Summary Zoom and select the section headers.