Summary of Emails by Categories as used in Outlook

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Hi - I tried to ask " Provide summary of last 5 emails that have been catergorized with label category "customers"" to see if could get return based on categories - but it returned " I'm sorry, but I don't have access to your email labels or the ability to categorize them"


Categories are a well-used feature in Outlook - what should I be asking to get this - could also be useful for summary of Calendar appointments by Category.


Copilot creates its own categories but not what I have assigned

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This doesn't help I know, but I have had issues with Categories in "New" Outlook (which I switched to specifically to use Copilot), in my case whole categories are missing from New Outlook that exist in Desktop. I raised a ticket and got a terrible response telling me it was nothing to do with them because they just copied Outlook on the Web. I to use categories a huge amount and it is disappointing that Copilot is a lot less useful than Microsoft's "Shallow" marketing makes out :(