Select applications where COpilot M 365 is enabled

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Is it possible for a 365 admin to select-unselect M 365 apps where the Copilot button is displayed ? For instance having Copiloit activated only in Teams & Outlook.

IMHO answer is NO, but I would like to get a confirmation from experts.

Thanks in advance.

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As per my knowledge and understanding! Currently, there is no way for a Microsoft 365 admin to selectively enable Copilot for specific applications - didnt see one yet!

While it seems like a useful feature, currently Copilot is either all-in or all-out for users.

Hopefully, in future updates, Microsoft will consider offering more granular control over Copilot functionality.
You're absolutely right! Currently, there is no option for a Microsoft 365 admin to selectively enable Copilot for specific apps. Copilot integrates with several M365 applications by default, and you cannot choose to activate it in some apps while keeping it disabled in others.

Here's a breakdown of how Copilot currently functions:

Integration: Copilot is designed to work seamlessly across various Microsoft 365 applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and more.
Admin Control: Admin controls are focused on assigning Copilot licenses to users and managing access to the service itself, not enabling/disabling it within specific apps.
While you can't choose individual apps for Copilot, it's important to note that Copilot's functionality can vary depending on the application. For instance, Copilot might offer suggestions for writing emails in Outlook or creating presentations in PowerPoint, but its features might differ from its use in Word document editing.
The admin can choose to not issue out all 3 services of the license. M365 copilot is one license issued out in 3 services (teams, graph grounded chat, and productivity apps). So unfortunately you could have teams only but you cannot pick and choose the productivity apps (Outlook, word, powerpoint, onenote, excel).