Searching PDF Documents - Erratic results

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What's the proper way to use Copilot in Edge and Copilot in Teams to summarize PDF documents? Here are the issues I've seen:


1. When you reference files, it only shows you a list of the "most recent" (even though it's not) 10 documents. So if your file isn't in there, you can't reference it.


2. In Edge, i've tried to open a pdf directly that's on my machine and say "summarize this document". Sometimes it gives me a summary of some other document. Sometimes it gives me an error that i'm not authorized by my org to do this. I've seen it work for others doing it the same way and not for me. Then this morning it's working for me. 


3. It's not clear to me if you can have it summarize multiple pdf documents. Can you put them in a folder and have it look at all of them? 

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I've had luck using the link from sharepoint. I've asked it to summarize the document, then pasted the link. I had to play around with it and remove the part before the || but it did work.

I don't know about summarizing more than 1 or the documents in a folder.