Request for Access to Copilot in Office Word and Excel 365

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Good afternoon,


I am a person with complex and enduring mental disabilities. Despite the challenges I face daily, I strive to stay relevant in the academic and professional world. The news of Copilot’s development excited me greatly, as I believe it could be a game-changer in helping me maintain my academic and professional relevance.


The potential of Copilot to assist in tasks within Microsoft Word and Excel 365 is particularly appealing. These tools are integral to my research, and the added assistance from Copilot could significantly enhance my productivity and efficiency.


However, I have been unable to access Copilot in my current version of Office 365, despite following all the recommended steps. I understand that Copilot is currently being tested with a small group of customers, and I am writing to express my interest in being part of this testing phase.


Given my unique circumstances, I believe I could provide valuable feedback on the usability and impact of Copilot for individuals with mental disabilities. This could help shape Copilot into a more inclusive tool that caters to a wider range of users.


I kindly request that you consider granting me access to the testing phase of Copilot in Office Word and Excel 365. I am eager to explore the benefits of this innovative tool and contribute to its development.

Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,

Ghayur Ali Khan

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