Redirecting document citation URLs in Microsoft Copilot Studio Code Editor

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Hi all, 


I've created a genAI boosted Copilot in Microsoft Copilot Studio, using uploaded documents as the sources. When I message the test Copilot in the console, the citation links just lead to a pop-up with the relevant section of text. Instead, I would like to redirect the citation URLs so they lead to the respective original document which is stored on SharePoint. For various reasons, I can't boost the Copilot with the Sharepoint page directly, hence saving it as a document and uploading. 


In the code editor, I have created a record that maps the name of the document to the url I want it to link to, like so:


    - kind: SetVariable
      id: setVariable_C9TaRa
      variable: Topic.source_mapping
      value: "{     \"doc1.docx\": \"\",     \"doc2.docx\": \"\"}"

    - kind: ParseValue
      id: OSXhWy
      variable: Topic.source_mapping_record
        kind: Record
          doc1.docx: String
          doc2.docx: String

      value: =Topic.source_mapping



By default, the citation part of the code looks like this:


                    type: "Container",
                    items: ForAll(Topic.Answer.Text.CitationSources,
                        type: "TextBlock",
                        text: "[" & Id &"]: [" & Name & "]("& Url &")",
                        wrap: true,
                        size: "Small",
                        weight: "Lighter"



I changed the URL part (as the URL variable was empty as they're documents) so it instead calls my record with the source name to insert the URL. When I hard-code in the source name, it works perfectly and provides the link to the SharePoint, i.e, instead of having ("& Url &"), having:





However, when I try to use the name variable instead of hard coding the name, like so:


("& "Topic.source_mapping_record." & "'"&Name&"'" &")


 It will just print (Topic.source_mapping_record.‘doc1.docx’) in the response citation. 


I basically need to know the correct syntax for embedding the variable 'Name' in the record call, so that it doesn't read the entire thing as a string. 





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