Reasoning over 3rd party data

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I'm getting customer ?s about what's feasible with M365 Copilot. Customers are saying "We have data outside of SPO, ODFB, Teams, etc. that we want to make available via Copilot. How do we do that?"


Can you please outline? 

a) what's possible ?

b) how to (generally) go about doing this?

c) major caveats or constraints


A good example would be a law firm who's using NetDocs.

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There's no reference to external data sources at the moment however Semantic Index for Copilot might be your answer in the future. This will be available to Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 customers and will provide visibility of your user and company data. This should help you see the connections that Copilot will make across your people, documents and other data in Microsoft 365, and improve them as needed.
Under extensibility it mentions 3rd party connectors for the graph:

Hey @Chris Stegh,

Also check out this resource for more information How to Extend Microsoft 365 Copilot - Teams | Microsoft Learn