Readiness and thoughts for Microsoft 365 Copilot

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As Microsoft 365 Copilot rollout approaches, many customers are asking about readiness steps to take before deployment. While Microsoft's documentation highlights information protection as a priority, I believe investing in Microsoft Syntex can further enhance readiness by automatically applying sensitivity labels and extracting meaning from content.

With Syntex, organizations can not only automate retention policies to retain or delete content based on sensitivity labels, but also surface and export metadata to fuel Viva Topics. This connects employees to relevant knowledge across the business and readies content for more efficient use by Copilot.

Overall, Syntex lays the groundwork for Copilot by classifying and enriching content. This allows organizations to unlock hidden insights in their data, foster knowledge sharing and collaboration, and maximize the value of Copilot. A focus on content intelligence with Syntex accelerates readiness and enables content to become a true strategic asset.

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Additionally here also the Prerequisites for Microsoft 365 Copilot: