"Show more prompts" not available in word

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According to the image, this jump is available in PowerPoint and then also leads to Copilot Lab.

Screenshot 2024-02-16 155337.png

This jump is missing in Word.

Screenshot 2024-02-16 193651.png


I have Microsoft 365 Family with a Copilot Pro license.

Compared to the normal "Microsoft 365", the "Family" is missing a lot more, e.g. "Create from file", Copilot shortcut on the taskbar, etc.. But these are other topics.

Thank you very much for your help, which I greatly appreciate.

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Interesting findings
Normally, "Show more prompts" is not present in Word.
Most of the time it looks like this:

Screenshot 2024-02-17 104558.png

When the microphone is turned on, "Show more prompts" is also available:

Screenshot 2024-02-17 104650.png


When the microphone is turned off again, "Show more prompts" remains available until Word is restarted:

Screenshot 2024-02-17 104756.png

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