Question about M365 CoPilot: GPT Models and tailored standard instructions.

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Thanks for this section, I have 2 questions:

  • How does M365 CoPilot work with the GPT models? Is it region dependent? I am wondering that as I see the Azure Open AI services have according to the region different releases of the GPT models (the latest GPT-4Turbo is just for a bunch of). 
  • Differently from a classic ChatGPT where I have the ability to define a pre-defined set of instructions related to the positive and negative way the bot should manage the data answer, I only have the initial prompt here. Is it possible to define a baseline for how CoPilot can interact with users within the same organization/tenant?


Thanks in advance!



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Hi @FabrizioDegni,

it seems like you've provided a comprehensive set of information regarding Microsoft 365 CoPilot and its integration with GPT models. Let me summarize and refine the details:

  1. M365 CoPilot and GPT Models:

    • Microsoft 365 CoPilot utilizes Large Language Models (LLMs), such as Generative Pre-Trained Transformers (GPT) like GPT-4.
    • These models are adept at understanding, summarizing, predicting, and generating content.
    • CoPilot coordinates with Microsoft Graph and various Microsoft 365 apps, integrating these models into daily use.
    • The availability of models in Azure OpenAI Service, including GPT-4 Turbo, varies by region.

  2. Tailoring CoPilot Interactions:

    • Specifics about defining a baseline for CoPilot interactions within the same organization/tenant are not explicitly detailed in available resources.
    • CoPilot captures details of user interactions, including how and when users interact, the Microsoft 365 service involved, and references to accessed files in Microsoft 365.
    • While potential tailoring of interactions is suggested, it is recommended to contact Microsoft directly for more precise information.

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