Prompt: What are my meetings today?

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How does this work?


Copilot responds: You have a few meetings scheduled for today. The first one is titled...


And successfully lists three meetings with details, but misses the last meeting of the day.


Prompt again: Is there a later meeting?


Copilot responds: I'm sorry but I couldn't find any meetings scheduled for you after 4:20 PM today.


However there is a meeting at 4:30 PM, so it doesn't seem to be using a live view of my calendar. Keen to understand better so we can set expectations.



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I recommend clicking on the thumbs up or thumbs down to give Microsoft feedback after each response.  Please include the prompt and expected response. Your feedback will help with better response generation.


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#traccreations4e 02/09/2024

Is it potentially looking in your designated work hours that you have set in Outlook or Teams?
Thanks for the suggestions.

We have found in some cases it does not pick up changes (moved or cancelled meetings) and seems to be working from cached data some days earlier.

I've got a case open with MS support to better understand what's occurring.