One Drive headaches

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I have an excel program that I use regularly to track all my financial transactions.  Every time I finish updating it with a transaction, I save it my C: drive to an external drive and to a pen drive.  Today I open it and one drive is trying to repair it.  of course it doesn't say it is trying to repair, but after a while, it says it is unable to do the repair.  Fine, so I close it and then open the file in one of the other two locations.  Sure enough one drive has somehow gotten into those and is trying to repair and of course when it can't repair (whatever it thinks is wrong with it), it just shuts down.  Never says why it was trying to repair it or how I can my program back.  I would like to completely disable one drive and delete it from my PC.  Any ideas on how I can get my program back and/or delete the annoying one drive?

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