More information about "boosts"?

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I've hunted around for this and am a bit surprised I didn't already find questions or documentations about it.  I work for a state university system, and we have a Microsoft 365 A3 license for all staff, faculty, and students.  We do not have the extra $20/mo/user Copilot license, but the A3 gives us the private chats with Copilot which is what we need at the moment.


That also gives us 15 "boosts" per day per user, but we're having trouble understanding when, exactly, those get used.  We've had users who have not used or logged into Copilot at all in a given day, who will get the message that it can't do something they ask because they are out of boosts.  But when or how did they get used?  No idea.


Is there some detailed documentation somewhere about boosts, and what they get used for?  I've been asked this several times now and haven't been able to find anything.



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I'm also interested in more information about this. My organization has E3 licenses and on 2/23 we had several people reporting that they were seeing the "You're out of boosts" message when attempting to use the Copilot Edge extension in the browser sidebar (image below for reference). I was able to replicate the issue whenever I asked Copilot to generate an image, but it worked correctly when I gave it prompts that didn't have anything to do with creating images. When I used instead of the browser sidebar, I did not receive any message about being out of boosts even when attempting to generate images. It seemed like the issue might be isolated to the browser extension in the Edge sidebar, but I'm not certain.


We have the same issue. When running out of boosts our users can’t generate more images. Aren’t boosts just to get things done faster? The standard Copilot comes with 15 boosts but nowhere does it state in the documentation that you can’t create any more when you out of boosts. The message even says you can continue if you log in. But the users are already logged in.