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Can I get free version

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No Luck. Microsoft 365 Copilot users require a license for Microsoft 365 E3 or Microsoft 365 E5, and a license for Microsoft 365 Copilot. As of now minimum buy quantity is 300 . For Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Product you can use Copilot for Free .

@SharmaNeeraj , where does Microsoft publicly explain the 300 limit? I see nothing to verify the minimum 300 license limit, only your post. I would have thought Microsoft would have mentioned it somewhere in some official documentation – especially in their ‘how to prepare for M365 Copilot’ info. It seems odd that Microsoft would do that. 


I’m still confused, however, as to why I am presently unable to purchase  Copilot license even though I have the publicly specified prerequisites in place. 

Hi . No officials Doc in this context Yet . But surely you can check with your Microsoft representative , many of other confirmed same in this community .

Hello @Ashrafabdi, here is Ahmed, let me try to help you :)


Here you can check the Microsoft 365 Copilot requirements, as it's not available for free unfortunately:

Attached is also a screenshot from a license detail that it's limited for 300 users.


copilot 300 (2).png


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Why Microsoft will not try to give it is users who are not ably to pay a free limited versions
It will do, bit in the beginning they are targeting the big businesses to cover the costs of development and also deployment.

I would say also 100 small Businesses may have the same impact as a Big one and there are many 100s...but I don't really know how it works inside there and what might be the issue if they released versions for all....I believe only that Microsoft cares about all it' customers and it wants to make sure that everything met it's customer's expectations and there is something technically I don't understand...let's wait and see..