Microsoft CoPilot error message - Something went wrong

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I have asked an open-ended question for copilot in MS Word to write a research report using the company's financial statements as a reference file. I provided the financial statements in Word format as a reference file (In MS Word format and its approximately 77 pages of text, numbers, images etc. so its large).  It generated content for about 3.5 pages and then stopped and displayed an error message.   


When I try to regenerate I get the message below: 



Its like it 'times out' or the job is too big for it to process. Can anyone explain what the cause for this is and if you experience the same issue when referencing a large file? 

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I have seen this a few times - what prompt did you use? I believe there are some limits to what Copilot can process but as the file would need to be in OneDrive/SharePoint it should have been semantically indexed so should be able to cope with a large doc. You say 77 pages, how many characters?
For Copilot to generate summaries, the reference content needs to have at least 300 words.
Copilot is currently limited to a maximum of around 18,000 to 20,000 words it can process for a single query or prompt for features like generating document summaries and chatting with Copilot

It should be number of words limit which might be giving the error.