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Feb 28 2024 07:00 AM - Feb 29 2024 10:30 AM (PST)
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Microsoft 365 Copilot GA Announcement

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It was great to See Satya today to announce Microsoft 365 Copilot General Availability on 1st nov 2023 with tons of new stuff.

Let's Hope to catch up with new features soon.

What you guys observed ?

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I just wanted to confirm the release date is still 1st, November.
That was what they announced for General Availability
Quite the day of announcements! Still digesting it all but a lot is coming!
I am also excited about Microsoft "Copilot Lab " for Prompt Learning
I'm looking forward to the Copilot General Availability on November 1. As a growth advisor focused on the business implications of generative AI, I'm eager to not only use the capabilities myself, but to actively introduce them to my clients, team members, and even family members. Hopefully I will be able to get preview access soon! Thanks.

Did I see somewhere that the only channels that M365 Copilot will be available in initially are EA/EAS/MCA-E and not direct or CSP?

Is there supporting documentation?

yes, you are right. 300 seat minimum too.

@blakecheek Any tentative dates for CSP or direct buy customer to buy copilot. 



I haven't heard any timelines yet.  I think we'll need to see data from this Enterprise run to make a better decision of when and how this comes to indirect channel.  Just my $0.02.