Measuring benefits of implementing Copilot

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Hello, how could I measure the benefit Copilot brings to our organisation? We have a small pilot group that use Copilot for 365 in our organisation but have faced difficulty so far being able to accurately measure the benefit it brings these people. 


What are you doing for your organisation to quantify/justify the cost of Copilot vs the value it brings to employees? 




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Copilot for Microsoft 365 is a task based AI application and it is not like a RPA solution. If you want a measurable value, it will be mostly on the time saved for the specific tasks. For any user persona in any organization, the value is realised on how well and more users are using Copilot. For example, for me Teams Meeting Recap or creating documents saves me atleast 30 mins each time.
Thanks for the reply. The thing is I agree, but measuring that is the part that eludes me. It's hard to say how many documents a person has used to that extent or how many teams meeting recaps they have saved time on. Do you have a way you measure its level of use in the org? Thanks!
We did a lot of self reporting due to the current state of built in metrics. It gave us insight into roles to look further into while metrics develop. They have introduce copilot assisted hours to the Viva Insights Dashboard recently
I’ve looked at using the activity explorer data in AI hub. Requires some recoding but provides app used, if file referenced, content type via SIT and timedate per AI interaction.