M365 Copliot's Approach to Data Privacy

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1. You control your data : 

  • Microsoft does not use customer data to train foundation LLMs that Copilot uses.

2. You know where your data is located: 

  • Customers specify a country or region while signing up for a new Microsoft 365 tenant. That selection determines the tenant’s default geography. Microsoft makes decisions on where to store customer data by combining that default geography with the available geographies for each service.

3. We secure your data at rest and in transit

  • Data residency commitments provide customers with additional confidence about the location or locations where data is stored at rest.
  • Data is in transit whenever a user's device is communicating with a Microsoft server, or when a Microsoft server is communicating with another server.
  • Encryption both at rest and in transit helps provided protections against unauthorized access, disclosure, sharing or usage of data.

4. We defend your data : Microsoft 365 Copilot commitments

  • Microsoft Product Terms

    • Universal License Terms- Microsoft Generative AI services
    • Microsoft Copilot copyright commitment 
    • EU Data Boundary Services
    • Core Online Service 
  • Microsoft Products and Services Data Protection Addendum
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