M365 Copilot Recap meeting in Teams

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Hi.. I noticed that when Copilot is generating meeting recap when it is still going on, the notes disappears after the meeting ends. There are some we can get the Copilot in the Recap tab under the meeting details, however mostly for recurring meetings there is no recap tab or Copilot. Is this a glitch?

Another question is, where can we fine the database/storage of these notes?

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Was the meeting set to auto-record or was record or transcription turned on ad hoc during the meeting? Or was the meeting set to allow Copilot without transcription in meeting settings, either globally or specifically for this meeting?

If you are using Copilot without transcription, there are no post-meeting durable artifacts, and once you leave the meeting or the organizer ends the meeting, Copilot will stop replying for that meeting.
Yes the meetings are set to auto-record and record or transcription is turned on.
Can you share a little more on this Christopher? I am not getting any recap or such even after setting to auto-record and record or transcription is turned on.