M365 Copilot in Excel and PowerPoint

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Can M365 Copilot structure the unstructured data in Excel for us?

Can M365 Copilot design my PowerPoint based on a certain template adhering to the brand and the guidelines?


Currently, we have a hard time using M365 Copilot in Excel as it is not that helpful as we need to first structure our data to get more insights.
For M365 Copilot in PowerPoint, the design is not as how I expected when it generated a PPT, also it is not able to design based on the template I shared.

What are the upcoming updates? Will M365 Copilot be further improved?

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Certainly! Microsoft Copilot in Excel is designed to assist you in making the most of your data within Excel tables. Here’s how it can help: Formula Column Suggestions: Copilot generates formula column recommendations, making it easier for you to create calculated columns based on your data. Insights in Charts and PivotTables: Copilot can provide insights by suggesting relevant charts or PivotTables based on your data. This helps you visualize patterns and trends more effectively. Highlighting Interesting Portions of Data: Copilot identifies significant data points, allowing you to focus on relevant information and gain deeper insights.
In order to do more analyzing, we will need to first restructure the data, right? What if we want M365 to help us structure the unstructured data in Excel as it takes a lot of our time, then analyze it? Currently we cannot do that. Any suggestions or updates on this part?

By structured do you mean in a Table vs not? I have seen Copilot prompt me it works with Table data and do I want to it to make a table.

Yes, I have raw data in Excel which are not in the form of proper tables. I'd like Copilot to help me structure those into tables to further analyze the data.

I asked Excel Copilot if it can make a table. This is the response I got. So you may just need to send it a prompt with the data you need to make a table.  May need a small table in the workbook to get Excel Copilot activated.

"Sure, I can help you create a table. Do you have any specific data or information that you would like to include in the table? Also, could you please specify the format and layout of the table you have in mind?"

This is interesting. I will share this with my team. Thank-you Chris.