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Good Day,


I would like to know if the M365 Chat is able to return html links that users can click on?


I am currently unable to find Microsoft documentation that mentions direct links within the M365 Chat.


Please see example below of what is being returned by the M365 Chat when asked to provide a link to Microsoft's website.


M365 Chat

[10:37 AM] MD

provide a direct link to the microsoft website

[10:37 AM] M365 Chat

Sure! You can visit the Microsoft website by going to 'www.microsoft.com' in your web browser.

Is there anything else you would like to know?


Any assistance is appreciated.




Merritt D.

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Hi @MDunwell,

the current documentation doesn't explicitly confirm the capability to generate clickable HTML links within the chat.

The example you provided is a standard response format, where the chat provides the URL as text that the user can copy and paste into their web browser.

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Leon Pavesic

Hi @LeonPavesic,


Thank you for your response.


It would be good to find out for sure how the M365 Chat is expected to work from Microsoft.


I've noticed that the chat will provide clickable references for some items, but not all. The references are generally not a part of the response also, and are provided in a separate section below the response.




Merritt D.