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Hi - I am trying to get CoPilot to make a list of 100 companies to work on this. It seems to read the list fine on the first instance and list all 100 but then it is unable to do operations on this data as responses stop by 10/20

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I have fed Copilot (Pro) with the following prompt:

Prompt: Please create a list in tabular form of the 50 largest companies in Europe regarding AI services. The table should contain the columns "Number", "Name", "Turnover Euro", "Tax location", "Remarks". The year 2022 should be decisive. Please enter a brief description of the services in the "Remarks" column. Please enter the sequence number in the "No." column.


Copilot (Pro) cannot do this properly, even with 20 companies. Copilot also gives reasons such as "confidential data".


In Word, on the other hand, this prompt works within the document. With a number of 100, Copilot aborts after 10.


It is also interesting that the result is always different, strongly or slightly different. I also assume that there are limits to the processing.



@sdhar12 yes felt like a fairly easy iterative task - for me most of the information is available if I google manually or on the Wikipedia page so I tried specifying this. 


Also tried using Pro and no difference in responses. Thank you! 


I have also added the corresponding updated Word document (PDF).



This prompt does not work for me in Copilot Pro (Edge, Windows).



  • in principle very cool what is possible. :cool: :stareyes:
  • As mentioned, the result is more or less different each time.
  • You should not use Word in the meantime. It increases the chance that Copilot will hang.
  • Perhaps you should drink a coffee during the evaluation. This increases the chance that Copilot will not hang up. :smile:
  • A moderately complex evaluation with 50 items should be close to this limit (with my infrastructure?)