Issue with Copilot Chatbot

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Using Copilot Studio, my team and I built a Chatbot that enables team members to ask questions like "What steps need to be taken to (fill in the blank)". The chatbot then looks at the Sharepoint site that we have linked to it. The Sharepoint site houses a library of different Word documents with scenario specific instructions. 


The problem is: the chatbot is returning answers from 2+ documents and merging the answers together. How do I get the chatbot to look only at a specific document and provide the answers from that specific document based on what the user typed into the Chatbot?

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Along with the Sharepoint, you can add the specific document you are looking under the Generative AI section of the Copilot settings. So that the copilot can produce most relative answers referring the document.

Alternatively, if the chatbot is required only to enquire the document, then you can remove the SharePoint link and have only the document which will produce more accurate results.