Is Power BI Copilot Functionality included in M365 Copilot?

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Hi - as the subject suggests, are the Power BI Copilot Functionalities included in M365 Copilot?  Or is Power BI under a different Copilot experience?

Like the features shown here: 
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Althought I don't think it's been fully confirmed, there were have been different Copilot licenses mentioned across the various communications we've had.

  • Copilot for Microsoft 365
  • Copilot for Business Dynamics 365
  • Copilot for Power Platforms


I'd assume Power BI mainly falls under Power Platforms.

Agreed here. The first set of CoPilots will be Microsoft 365 CoPilot at $30 per user/per month. There's yet to be costing for the rest of the platform