How to use Copilot in word to reference a source document. to create a new one

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Scenario. We have a template requirements document in word which we want to use as a template. This document has many sections with titles, and we want to be able to use another document with a captureTable in it (ideally this would be excel but word can't use excel as a reference) and use it to essentially complete the new document using the information in the capturedocument

Goal: Have word complete a new document, using the ReferenceDocument as the template using the CaptureDocument as the source for information. The Column 1 in the table refers to main sections i the Reference Document. 

Has anyone got any tips or sample prompts they have had success with for this scenario...

Here is an example of the Prompt we tried: 

Scenario: You are a technical presales consultant and have been speaking to a customer about the requirements for an upcoming project based on a set of deliverables, objectives and goals.

Context: You need to create a document using the TemplateDocument as a template that can will be used by the Technical Consultancy team to create a statement of works and commercial pricing.

Document: Create a new document using ReferenceDocument as a template and reference the relevant document sections using the information within the table in the CaptureDocument. The data in Column 1 relate to the sections in the reference document.

CaptureDocument: CaptureSource

ReferenceDocument: RefDocument

Additional Information: For each of the key products listed in the CaptureDocument such as Microsoft Defender and Sentinel, provide a table in an appendices section which summarizes the product, key competitor products they compete with and include a link to the relevant Microsoft Learn documentation for reference.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah I think i am pushing Copilot too hard, but this is a common use scenario. What is more frustrating is the same prompt yields different results each time (and sometimes Copilot fails) with an error and you have to try again.

I will continue to try new variations and If I get an success I will share the prompt that works. It gets there a little bit, but its gets confused what file is what and I dont think it always understands what ref i am referring too.. I'll keep trying...

Update: 4/2/2024: So using Copilot in the WordOnline yields far better results in my latest tests. The prompt I shared originally works well... few tweeks needed but much better... so tip - if you experience issues with the Office Apps - try the web versions...! #HappyPrompting
For some reason, this command doesnt work.... do i need to do some config before ?