How To Map Context Key Now That WIN-C Is Disabled

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So, I got used to calling Co-Pilot from my Surface Laptop Studio 2 with my remapped Context Key via PowerToys. After a recent update, this no longer works and through research, it said that WIN-C has been depreciated. 


How can I re-map it to my ContextKey now? 

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Here's how to do it:

Download and install PowerToys from Microsoft if you haven't already.
Launch PowerToys and navigate to the "Keyboard Manager" section.
Click on "Remap a key."
In the "Key" section, choose a key you'd like to use as your new context menu key. Common options include the right Alt key, Caps Lock, or Scroll Lock.
In the "Mapped To" section, select "Menu" from the dropdown menu.
Click "OK" to save the changes.
Now, pressing the chosen key will activate the context menu, which you can then use to access Co-Pilot functionalities within supported applications.

2. Using AutoHotkey Script (For More Advanced Customization):

AutoHotkey is a free, open-source scripting language that allows for more advanced keyboard remapping and automation.
Here's a general idea of how to achieve context menu functionality with AutoHotkey:

Download and install AutoHotkey
Create a new text file and save it with a .ahk extension (e.g., "ContextMenu.ahk").
Within the text file, add the following code:
AppsKey::Send {Menu} ; Replace "AppsKey" with your desired hotkey
This code tells AutoHotkey that pressing the "AppsKey" (which is a special key for the context menu) should send the "Menu" keystroke, effectively triggering the context menu.
Important Note: You'll need to run the AutoHotkey script whenever you want the remapping to be active.

Additional Tips:

Consider using online resources and tutorials for more detailed instructions on using PowerToys Keyboard Manager or AutoHotkey scripting.
If you're unsure about making changes to your system configuration, consult with your IT department for assistance.
By following these methods, you should be able to regain a similar functionality to your previous Win-C + Context Menu key combination for accessing Co-Pilot within your Microsoft 365 applications.



Thanks for the quick response. Sadly, with no shortcut key for Co-Pilot since last update, I don't have an option to choose Co-Pilot.