How do we find shared custom GPTs?

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I've just signed in to Copilot Pro (personal) and I'm exited to start messing about with custom GPTs (I have used ChatGPT Plus for a little while but would probably switch to Copilot Pro permanently if it gets a similar or better user experience).

My question is how can I find custom GPTs other than the few Microsoft have provided, ie from other users?
It would be great if there some kind of "GPT explorer" just like in ChatGPT Plus where I could find GPTs that other people have made so I don't have to reinvent the wheel and create my own custom GPTs for everything.

Also, it would be great if we could customize the look and feel of our custom GPTs with a logo and such.


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I have also been looking for this option, but at the moment it seems that it is not possible. The only way to share your own GPTs is through the link they give you at the end. I imagine it’s more for sharing with an internal team than with everyone and that it’s not, at least for the moment, chaotic.

I would like to add that not being able to attach more than one 10mb document to the internal database seems like a mistake to me since today 10mb is very small. What I would like to know (in case someone reads it and/or knows the answer) is if you can tell the GPT to use the content of a specific website as a knowledge base.

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Who will be the first to build a site where people can upload their custom GPTs and score them? I hope Microsoft integrates the option instead, although there are lots of sites for ChatGPT Plus GPTs as well.

As for the size of attached documents, I agree and would also like to be able to include sites or github repositories. The only workaround now seems to be saving the content of the websites, repositories or documents as multiple .txt and uploading them to keep the size down overall.