How do I turn off Copilot in Word documents?

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I don't need Copilot in my word documents and I don't need the copilot icon stalking me on every page when I begin to type. Its very distracting. How do I disable Copilot?

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It looks like there is no direct way to completely disable Copilot within Word documents itself yet, However, there are a couple of options depending on what aspect of Copilot you find distracting,
If the icon on the page is the main annoyance, you can hide it without affecting Copilot's functionality:
• Click on the small light bulb icon (Copilot icon) on your Word document.
• A pane will appear on the right side. At the bottom of the pane, you'll see a checkbox labeled Show Copilot in document.
• Uncheck the box to hide the icon.
Copilot leverages Microsoft Editor for some suggestions. Disabling Editor suggestions might reduce some of Copilot's influence, but it won't completely turn it off:
• Go to File > Options > Proofing.
• Under AutoCorrect Options, click on AutoCorrect Settings.
• In the new window, navigate to the Typing tab.
• Uncheck the boxes for features you don't want, like Show suggestions as I type and automatically correct text as I type.
If you need a completely Copilot-free experience, you can also work in offline mode i.e.
• Go to File > Work Offline
I hope this helps!
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Hi @harry18garg,

thank you for you explanation - I am having the same problem, but cannot find the checkbox in the Copilot side pane  in Word.

Could you maybe provide a screenshot of the panel and the "Show Copilot"-checkbox in Word?


@harry18garg  appreciate the response but I don't have a Copilot light bulb that opens a new panel.  I have 2 icons (one in the word doc itself that when clicked says to type text to generate a draft) and one icon in the toolbar that again asks for you to enter text to generate text. See attached photos to see if they are the same as yours.


 icon in word doc.PNG


toolbar icon.PNG

I use gpedit.msc (Windows 10) to disable copilot for all of Windows. I haven't tested the extent of this.
Local Computer Policy/User Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Windows Copilot

good luck.

I also want to disable from sending me messages, especially copilot.