How do i download copilot on my pc

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You cannot download Copilot in PC. you can use from a browser and Copilot for Windows (If you have the recommended Win version)
As mentioned, there is no specific download. If you are using Windows 11 you need to be on at least 23H2 and you should see the copilot (pre) icon in your task bar, if you don't in the windows update of settings make sure you have the 'Get the latest update when available' toggled on.

Alternatively if you are using Edge or Chrome you can visit and add the site as an app then pin to task bar.

hope these suggestions both help you out.

That means that I lost Copilot FOREVER???
I had to uninstall the app because of an error issue but when I went to microsoft support it told me Access Denied. So I had to uninstall it so I can redownload it and get it to work again. But if youre telling me that I cant download copilot to my surface that means that I cannot recover it?
What can I do to resolve this issue?

Copilot on New Windows Surface Devices: Microsoft Copilot isn't a downloadable app for Windows Surface devices (or any Windows PC). It's a built-in feature for:
Since Copilot isn't a separate app, you can't uninstall it in the traditional way. Here's what you can do:

Enable/Disable Copilot: You can disable Copilot if it's causing issues and re-enable it later. This doesn't remove Copilot itself, just hides it.

- Right-click the Copilot icon on the taskbar (if visible).
- Choose "Hide Copilot button" to disable it.
- To re-enable, press the Windows key + C keyboard shortcut.

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