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I would be honored to join the Microsoft team and contribute to the Copilot team's mission of providing innovative solutions to enterprises. I recognize the immense potential of this technology to benefit businesses, and I am eager to be a part of the team that is driving its development. I kindly request your guidance on the process of joining the team. Thank you for considering my interest.

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First thing to do is apply for open positions at Microsoft for Copilot related opportunities.
Second, When you are invited for interview understand the role from the JD clearly and make sure you prepare very well for each of your rounds. Do not go with one size fits all approach.
Third, Ask questions if doubtful before answering. Do not assume and be practical. Use your own experiences to curate your answes.
Wish you good luck!

You can still contribut to Microsoft community with your Copilot knowledge by blogs, videos, Linkedin etc where your skill set can be utilized by community members.
Thank you for providing me with this information. I appreciate it.

For the follow-up question, I've been training custom GPTs on OpenAI's platform. How does it differ from Copilot's custom GPTs?