Feature request: Labeling emails, files, etc for use in summarization in copilot

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I'm trying to use copilot to create summaries, action items, and areas that I've failed to follow up on.  The problem is even with a detailed prompt I only get partial (at best) information back.  I'd like a way to tag or label items for copilot to base its summaries/action items off of.  


I picture a world where I can tag certain emails and office docs throughout my week and ask copilot to specially create output from those docs at the end of the week to give me a status report.

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Have you tried labels in Outlook or a tag within documents to see if it can work off that or group documents into a folder to then reference?
Labeling emails and files for Copilot summarization would definitely improve its ability to generate relevant and actionable insights. Here's why your idea is valuable:

Improved Context: Adding labels would provide Copilot with additional context about the content. This could be crucial for tasks like identifying follow-up items or key decisions made in an email chain.

Focus on Specific Information: With labels, you could instruct Copilot to focus on specific aspects of the documents. Imagine tagging an email with "Action Items" and prompting Copilot to summarize those points.

Structured Status Reports: Your vision of creating a weekly report based on tagged documents is very practical. Labels would allow Copilot to filter and analyze relevant information across different sources, creating a more comprehensive overview.