Excel Copilot Experience

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I know it is technically in preview but curious on people's overall experiences with Excel Copilot?  


Also are you seeing it only work with Tabled data as advertised?  Anyone seeing it or M365 chat work with non-table data?

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Hey Chris - My company is doing a "Pilot" of copilot now. The feedback so far is that Copilot in Excel (in preview mode) is frankly disappointing. Copilot in excel will not work unless the worksheet is in a table format. Even then, it appears you have to have data in all the fields of the table. Just this morning I could not get Copilot to function in a table with no values. Some of the other team members are experiencing similar issues.

On the brightside, Copilot works great in Teams.

Hope this helps...
Thank you for sharing. Wonder how soon MSFT will be moving it out of preview.