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Today we bought three office365 copilot pro for three users, the three licensed were assigned to three users, each user has Active directory user ID, and Office 385 E3 subscription, user calming that copilot not appeared on office apps, word for example, also in  Viva Insights (cloud.microsoft) , still shows zero active copilot users. please can you assist me , thank you in advance

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• Open any Office 365 app like Word.
• Click on the File tab and select more / Update license.
• You will be prompted to sign in.

This will force the license to be added to users' application.
If you are using your Active Directory ID and O365 E3, the correct Copilot is license required is "Copilot for Microsoft 365" from your tenant. Note that Copilot Pro is for personal accounts like email address removed for privacy reasons, email address removed for privacy reasons

While Copilot Pro is our best experience for individuals, Copilot for Microsoft 365 is our best experience for organizations

thank u very much, kindly see screenshot from our O365 Admin portal : https://ibb.co/rvSsBK5 , thank u  

Thank u , i will share ur reply with the user , and update u , regards
Licensing seems to be correct. Then please check the M365 Apps Update Channel. Copilot is available in Current Channel and in Monthly Enterprise Channel.
thank u

Thank u @ChaiYa81 

did that work?
You can check the active Copilot users in the Microsoft 365 admin center under "Billing" > "Licenses". This view should show your three users with the assigned Copilot for Microsoft 365 licenses.
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