Editing Slides with Copilot Never works

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Whenever I open PowerPoint and try to edit a slide using copilot I'm always met with:

"Sorry I can't do that."

Even when following the demo provided in the success kit to a T :

Demo Script:





when using the exact same prompt:


It Instead gives a summary, that isn't even 3 main points.


Using a more precise prompt:



This is not a one of case, I've attempted to showcase the "Editing a slide with copilot" feature multiple times and it always manages to embarrass me.:cryingwithlaughter:


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We are doing an internal trial and have been getting this feedback as well. It seems to work best when making a deck from scratch vs working with existing content.
Same here, but strangely I was able to edit slides fine a week ago and earlier, it seems this response is a new issue that is popping up. If I try the following prompts I am met with that same "error" message:

Add transitions to each slide
Anything with font adjustments
Add effects to a slide

All of these worked up until this week when one of our users reported they could not edit a slide.

@Scootsie2 This used to work for me too about a month ago but now can't edit anything.  It just says sorry can't do that and want's me to ask questions about the deck.