Does anyone have any idea of when we will be able to start using Copilot?

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On the internet/Youtube people are saying that Copilot is out and ready to use, but I can't seem to find out how to get it, or practically anything at all from Microsoft.  Are there any real facts about the timeline or possibility of 365 users to start using it?

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Yeah, I have the same question, it's said it was rolled out from Sept. 26 but can't see a way to use it.
Hey Guy . if you taking about Microsoft 365 Copilot it will be available from 1st Nov to Enterprise customers .
If you wish to play with Windows 11 copilot that is available from 26 Sep for selective regions so update windows and Experience Win 11 Copilot
Just tried Copilot that automatically appeared in my wife's W11 laptop. Worthless, can't do a single thing more than Bing already does. In fact, it is just Bing with a different name. What's the point?
No sure what you expect, but a simple Bing search will just show you results. If you feed the prompt with the information you would like to have, It will show you already a result and you do not need to search through the search results.
Copilot is announced by MS as GA for 11.01.2023, and available in W11 since 09.26 update, except in Europe where it is blockad due to DMA

@WCasey "Copilot for Windows" is not the same as "Copilot for Micosoft 365".

The latter is the paid service @ £30 per month per user which will be available on 01/11/2023 to Enterprise users.

Copilot for Windows is effectively an intergrated version of Bing Chat with a few extra features (it can turn on dark mode and a few other settings etc.).

Copilot for Microsoft 365 is a new AI service which will help you be more efficient with work.

Thanks for the info. Won't be available on devices with Windows 10?

@miguelperezlozao No - currently not. From the integration I would not expect to see this in Windows 10 in the future.

When will Copilot for Microsoft 365 be released?
Hi in windows 11 it can now be used

And are you paying for it @FrankGT001 ?

@miguelperezlozao please keep in mind that @FrankGT001 uses Copilot in Windows which is planned to be included in the OS. You need to differentiate about which Copilot you are talking:


Microsoft 365 Copilot --> Additional license required

Copilot in Windows --> Included in Windows

not adding here all other Copilots...