Directly accessing terms in the term store via M365 Copilot

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Hello World


I cannot figure out from documentation if Taxonomy terms in the Term Store are accessible to Copilot as a primary source of data, or just as "contextual signals" to the "grounding" operations (RAG) ?


As far as I understand it, for a given tenant, taxonomy metadata terms in the term store would be part of the Semantic Index, but possibly only as metadata for files, not as a primary source? So for example, if I had an accounting taxonomy built out in the term store, if I ask M365 Copilot as a prompt: "what is another way to describe double entry book keeping" it cannot answer based on the synonyms in my taxonomy, but rather would look for documents or files tagged with "double entry book keeping" but if those files did not include any content that could accurately answer the question, it would either "hallucinate" or just provide a bad answer....???

Does anyone have knowledge of the low level architecture or real world experience that would prove this one way or another?


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