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Does anyone have knowledge of when custom GPTs will be available in CoPilot for M365? Disappointingly it looks like this much anticipated feature has arrived in CoPilot Pro but not CoPilot for M365. This is the key feature that will enable us to push ahead with our implementation.

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Are your referring to custom plugins, or using Copilot in Power Virtual Agent (PVA) to create your custom chatbot or teams plugin for your custom copilot "GPT" ? Using Copilot Studio with low code or procode you can create your interface and experience.
I believe they're referencing item #5 in this announcement from January.

@agreca @mhudson1997 Yes, that's absolutely right. There is a great deal of buzz around the arrival of custom GPTs in CoPilot Pro for personal users, so wondering when those of us who have paid a 12 month commitment to CoPilot in M365 can expect to see this land?

Yes, i'm a little disappointed. Bought the M365 Copilot with the intent of creating custom GPT as i've seen it in the consumer version reviews etc. (and as im used to using it for private puroses with my ChatGPT Pro license) and now the only way to do this at the moment in M365 Copilot would be to buy another expensive license for MS Copilot Studio...

Thomas - do you get any further updates on this. I have developed a few CustomGPTs that I want to use within CoPilot for M365. It’s working very well in CoPilot Pro.
We are M365 CoPilot users (not CoPilot Pro) and we already have access to Copilot studio - I just went to this address and logged in:
I am hoping they publicly announce custom Copilot GPTs for enterprise customers this week...

Nope, no further updates. MS Copilot studio as mentioned by JStubbsUK is somehow working, but doesn't meet the criteria and standard opf ease in usability etc. set by ChatGPT
Same here... Can't wait

@Thomas_Kuhn_at_agamus - from a user perspective this is frustrating and another example of confusion with CoPilot adoption. Within CoPilot Pro a user can quickly create a Custom CoPilot / GPT and within a few minutes they can create a a task focused and shareable GPT.  CoPilot Studio can be daunting for the end user. 

Agreed @CraigStanley and @Thomas_Kuhn_at_agamus 


I've had a play around with CoPilot studio to create a bespoke GPT but it's just nowhere near as simple as ChatGPT. It seems crazy they'd not release the custom GPT feature to personal users rather than business users given businesses are the ones who are going to be able to benefit most.


But perhaps that's on purpose so they can monetise it for business use...

I bought M365 CoPilot to replace my ChatGPT Pro, but I also discovered that I cannot create my own GPTs... I have a number of them in ChatGPT, which I use a lot. Switching completely to CoPilot is therefore not yet possible...



Within CoPilot Pro ChatGPT Plus and OpenAI ChatGPT Teams workspace users can quickly prototype custom GPT capabilities and demonstrate value using a simple GPT prompt based approach. An idea can be taken and deployed quickly and simply and tailored through iteration.


Within 365 CoPilot, Power Platform or Azure world what is the most efficient end use equivalent process for deployment and sharing ? 


Is it missing by design? Is there a blog post or explainer video about this subject?  


For many end users the CoPilot Studio is confusing overly complicated. It blocks progress and stunts innovation. 


The ability to create and collaborate and share custom gpts in M365 as you can in OpenAI Team Workspaces is the ideal. There is

pure gold in many of the custom gpts people are creating so this gap or feature is very frustrating for the end user.